Flower Essences

This mind/body energetic modality is a safe and gentle form of herbal medicine, highly effective in relieving stress and anxiety for people and animals. It promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and offers a meaningful way to experience a connection to nature.

Flower Essences are a gentle, natural and safe way to transform old ways of thinking and unhealthy behavior patterns. They are vibrational remedies, much like homeopathic medicine, and have no side effects or contraindications. Flower Essences can be used in conjunction with any other treatment, whether conventional Western or alternative medicine.

Flower Essences can help all kinds of animals cope with the challenges of their lives. I have years of experience working with domestic animals like dogs, cats and horses, as well as a broad range of exotics like parrots. Flower Essences are completely safe, gentle in action, and easy to use.

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