How to give flower essences to cats

Cats love flower essences, but generally don’t like the smell of the brandy preservative. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give your cat flower essences that will result in minimal alcohol exposure.

Ways to give flower essences to cats:

  • Add a few drops to a few ounces of water in a bowl, dunk a favored treat, and offer
  • Add drops to the water bowl – refresh water and essences twice daily
  • Add drops to a misting bottle of water and mist above the cat, over the bedding, or in the home in general

Cats tend to show strong preferences for particular essences, depending on their need at the time. One friend’s cat will tell her which essences she wants by selectively knocking bottles off the shelf! I recommend showing the bottles to the cat one at a time, and letting your cat tell you which she wishes to have. Watch carefully for a response – it may be turning away or towards the bottle, purring, or some other response.

I am happy to offer consultation and custom essence formula creation over the telephone or Skype for you and your kitty! Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

A few flower essences for your cat:

Cow Parsnip flower essence (Alaskan Flower Essence Project) is very helpful for cats who are frustrated at being kept indoors. It helps them adjust and be more content with only indoor adventures.

Cherry Plum flower essence (Bach) is indicated for terror. This essence is excellent for wild or feral cats who must be trapped in order to have medical treatment or as part of the taming and socialization process for any cat.

Walnut flower essence (Bach) is useful for the moving process. Cats have a clear sense of territory and changing homes or situations can cause them a lot of distress. Walnut can help them break the ties to their old homes and reestablish themselves in a new situation more easily.

Quaking Grass flower essence (Flower Essence Society) is great for multi-cat situations. This essence helps to smooth interactions between group members and create greater harmony.

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