Introduction to The Tellington TTouch Method, Part Two

Sunday, February 7th, 1-4pm at SRJC Shone Farm, Forestville, CA

During this three hour class, you will learn the history and philosophy of the Tellington Method, and how to use TTouch to release tension, improve performance and develop trust with your horse. The class will also offer hands on time with the horses of Shone Farm so you can practice TTouch and learn how to use the Labyrinth, an important groundwork exercise that teaches better balance, coordination and communication for both horse and handler.

This class will be suitable for those who took Part One as we will be learning new techniques and exercises, but can also be a good learning opportunity for those without any experience in TTouch. All are welcome!

Fee $65, register online or contact Judy McHerron at 707 431 2920

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