“The Dance” AKA “The Cha Cha” Tellington TTouch Method for horses

In this video I teach my client Jayme and her horse Knight to do The Dance or Cha Cha. This groundwork exercise is from the Tellington TTouch Method® and teaches horses to balance and develop self carriage.

The Dance or Cha Cha helps horses to:

  • learn to develop self carriage
  • develop better balance
  • shift weigh off the forehand on to the hindquarters
  • listen closely to your aids and respond precisely to cues

To learn more about how TTouch can benefit your horse’s health, behavior and performance, please visit www.ttouch.com.

If you are in Sonoma County and would like me to teach you and your horse TTouch, contact me here.

My thanks to Lone Willow for the use of their beautiful facility in West Petaluma.

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