Flower Essences for Animals

Flower Essences for Animals

Flower Essences can benefit every animal. Flower Essences work primarily on mental, emotional and behavioral issues. Flower Essence treatment is completely safe, gentle in action, and easy to use. Drops may be given on treats or in drinking water, and have no side effects or contraindications.

I am experienced in working with a broad range of animal species, both domestic and exotic. My regular practice includes horses, dogs, cats, and parrots, but I have also regularly consulted and created formulas for animals as diverse as giraffes, vervets and meerkats. I’m happy to tell you the benefits of Flower Essences can help every animal – and their human companions.

Issues that may be helped with Flower Essences include:

Fears and Anxieties – insecurity, neediness, nervousness, separation anxiety

Rescue and Shelter Adoption – to heal emotional issues caused by abuse and neglect

Acclimatization – to a new home or family member

Training – aids in focusing, learning and performance

Support – for recovery from illness, surgery or trauma

The best results from flower essence therapy come with working together through several month-long cycles. Animals tend to release issues more quickly than people, and once a problem has resolved continued use of flower essences is generally not needed.

I conduct consultations over the telephone or Skype, and send essence formulas (one month’s treatment) through the mail. My rate is $120, which includes the phone consultation, dosage bottle of essences, and shipping in the United States. International shipping is available, and very reasonable – contact me for an estimate.

Flower essences are not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.

You can schedule a free 10 minute telephone consultation, or send me an email if you prefer. Either way, let’s get started helping your pet feel better today.

If you’d like to work with a flower essence practitioner, Kathleen Aspenns has the most experience with animals of anyone I know. She is also highly intuitive and has helped me personally immensely over the years.

Beth Murray, Certified Classical Homeopath

The essences you recommended for my mare have made a HUGE difference. She can now focus, learn, choose to leave her herd mates to eat and tolerate change. She even controlled herself when encountering fireworks while being led. Wow! Carrie and I thank you profusely!

Julie Jene, Tellington TTouch HorseTraining, Eastern WA

When my foster service dog, Lilly, came to live with me, she lacked confidence and self-esteem. She is extremely sensitive and her previous environment was overwhelming to her. Little by little, she started to rebuild her internal makeup and Kathleen’s wonderful remedy supported this process. Today, Lilly is working with her client as they continue to interview, and is absolutely committed to being a fabulous service dog, with a propensity for seizure alerting. Kathleen is a very knowledgeable practitioner, who has solid instincts and enlightened intuition. Animals respond marvelously to the subtle vibrations of flower essences and gem elixirs and Lilly has benefited greatly from Kathleen’s kindness and expertise. Thank you Kathleen from Lilly and me.

Linda, New Mexico

Since starting on the flower essence formula Kathleen made for my dog Sadie, I’ve noticed a significant change in her anxiety level. She used to constantly lick the air whenever she was feeling nervous, and car rides would cause her to literally shake. Now, after only a few days of giving Sadie the formula, both the absent licking and shaking in the car have dramatically decreased.

Samantha, San Francisco, CA
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