Flower Essences for You & Your Pets | Class at Gathering Thyme

Kathleen Aspenns Equine Wellness Practitioner

Pets bring such joy to our lives and homes, but modern life can be as challenging for them as it is for you. Living in noisy urban environments and spending long days alone at home can create stresses that result in behavioral problems. This class is designed to help you support your pet with the safe, gentle, natural healing of Flower Essences.

Class Date:

Sunday, November 10th, 2019 1-4pm $45 pre-registered, $50 at the door

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Gathering Thyme 1447 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901

The natural sensitivity of animals offers us an opportunity to watch how quickly energies and patterns can shift, and can help us connect to our own natures as well. Our pets will often mirror us, and quite often flower essences that benefit our animals will be indicated for us as well.

Topics will include:

What does stress look like in an animal?

Learning to spot signs of emotional discomfort before they turn in to problems

Supporting the sensitive animal

Improving communication and the relationship between you and your pet

Flower essences to relieve stress and help you both feel better

Ways to easily integrate flower essences into your life, and your pet’s life

Introduction to The Tellington TTouch Method, Part Two

Sunday, February 7th, 1-4pm at SRJC Shone Farm, Forestville, CA

During this three hour class, you will learn the history and philosophy of the Tellington Method, and how to use TTouch to release tension, improve performance and develop trust with your horse. The class will also offer hands on time with the horses of Shone Farm so you can practice TTouch and learn how to use the Labyrinth, an important groundwork exercise that teaches better balance, coordination and communication for both horse and handler.

This class will be suitable for those who took Part One as we will be learning new techniques and exercises, but can also be a good learning opportunity for those without any experience in TTouch. All are welcome!

Fee $65, register online or contact Judy McHerron at 707 431 2920

Separation Anxiety in Animals

As a flower essence practitioner, I work with a lot of animals who suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs can show anxiety when their people leave the house or put them in another room. They may bark, whine, or even destroy items in their need to be back with their person. Horses can become excessively attached to their herdmates and be unwilling to leave them, or panic and run home when separated from companions. These are just some of the expressions of separation anxiety.

Behavioral Modification

Behavioral modification techniques can be very helpful in reducing or eliminating separation anxiety. Whenever I work with a client, I recommend implementing this approach in addition to using flower essences. There are many resources available from which to learn about behavioral modification techniques. To learn more about these techniques and dog behavior, I highly recommend the books of Patricia McConnell.

Why do animals develop separation anxiety?

There are a number of theories about how separation anxiety develops. I find that animals who have it often have had stressful early lives. The mother of the animal who develops separation anxiety may have been under stress through her gestation and birth (such as a homeless and starving stray or a puppy mill dog), or the animal may have been weaned too early or in a stressful manner. These early stresses have profound and long lasting effects on a developing animal.

Flower Essences for Separation Anxiety

Fortunately, flower essences can go a long way to helping animals recover from separation anxiety. When I work one on one with a client, I develop a formula based on the precise needs of the animal at the time. However, there are essences I can recommend that can help your animal. Learn more about how to give flower essences to your dog, cat, horse or bird here.

Northern Lady Slipper, Alaskan Essences

This essence is one of my favorites. I use it for many situations, but it is especially healing for early traumas. It is a gentle and enfolding essence that helps release the trauma related to stressful gestation or infancy.

Star of Bethlehem, Bach Flower Essences

The Star of Bethlehem flower essence is a primary choice for healing any kind of trauma. It soothes the spirit and helps the animal feel safe in their bodies and in their homes.

Grove Sandwort, Alaskan Essences

This essence is excellent in cases where the bonding process between mother and infant was disturbed and the infant did not receive the nurturing they needed. It helps to establish grounding and a connection to other forms of support to feel loved and cared for.

I am happy to offer consultation and custom essence formula creation over the telephone or Skype for you and your pet! Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

2015 Classes

Introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method for Horses

Sunday, October 11th, 1-4pm at SRJC Shone Farm, Forestville CA

This class will be a three hour introduction to the Method, with both classroom instruction and hands on time with the horses of the college. You will learn the history and philosophy of TTouch, and how to use it to release tension, improve performance and develop trust with your horse. You will have time to practice the touches, and learn how to use the Labyrinth, a valuable groundwork exercise to improve your horse’s balance and coordination.

Fee $65, register online  or contact Judy at 707 431 2920

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show

Download or listen online to an interview with Paula Slater of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth as we discuss how TTouch and Flower Essences can help your horse. Enjoy!

Listen in as Paula and I talk about ways to help your horse, from Tellington TTouch to Flower Essences, and more. I enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you enjoy the show too.