Straight from the Horse’s Mouth Radio Show

Download or listen online to an interview with Paula Slater of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth as we discuss how TTouch and Flower Essences can help your horse. Enjoy!

Listen in as Paula and I talk about ways to help your horse, from Tellington TTouch to Flower Essences, and more. I enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you enjoy the show too.

Flower Essences for Anxious Dogs | Animal Wellness Magazine

Modern life is full of things that can make a dog nervous. From the constant assault of noise on sensitive ears to the overwhelming sights and smells of a city street, even the calmest dog may become stressed from time to time.

For a highly sensitive dog, even life at home can be a challenge. Stressors can be specific, like the sight or sound of a vacuum cleaner, or more general, such as any sudden noise. Fortunately, there are many ways to help anxious canines cope. Flower essences are a valuable complement to any stress-reducing program.

Read more from my article Flower Essences for Anxious Dogs in Animal Wellness Magazine

Radio Show with Asia Voight

March 20, 2014 at 12pm CDT

Animal communicator Asia Voight and I discuss how flower essences can help you and your animals and take calls live. Download the show, or stream here:

Asia Voight Radio Show on the Awakening Zone Network

Sorry – the Awakening Zone is no longer active, I am trying to find a current link to listen to the show.