Aspen flower essence for canine anxiety

Aspen flower essence, from the Bach line of essences, is useful for any frightened animal. The primary indicator showing need for this essence is shaking or shivering in fear. The fear is of something unknown or unseen. In dogs, I tend to recommend this essence for fear of fireworks. From a dog’s perspective, these are sudden and painfully loud noises they can’t understand or get away from. Aspen is very helpful for people for nonspecific fears, nightmares or feeling generally uneasy.

I use this essence often in conjunction with Mimulus flower essence. Mimulus is for “known fears”, that is, a specific and concrete fear. For example, a dog may be frightened by car rides or men wearing hats. The two essences given together (Aspen and Mimulus) can provide stability and comfort for a frightened animal.

To learn how to give flower essences to your pet, see the FAQ page.

I am happy to offer consultation and custom essence formula creation over the telephone or Skype for you and your pet! Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


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