Flower Essences for People

Flower Essences for People

Flower Essences are a gentle, natural and safe way to transform old ways of thinking and unhealthy behavior patterns. Flower Essences are vibrational remedies, much like homeopathic medicine. The original flower essences were developed by Dr Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the 1930’s. These original remedies are the most widely known and used today, although many other essences have been developed all over the world.

There are no side effects or contraindications and they can be used in conjunction with any other treatments, conventional or alternative medicine.

Flower Essences can help you:

Find balance in your work or home life

Adjust to life changes and transitions and help you find direction and meaning

Enhance your mental focus and stimulate your creativity

Create a feeling of safety and protection

Heal the effects of a traumatic childhood

Ease worry and fear

Overcome feelings of guilt and shame

The best results from flower essence therapy come from continued use of targeted formulas for at least three month-long cycles. Long term issues may take more time to resolve but most clients find significant relief in the first few weeks taking flower essences. Once a problem is resolved, you may no longer need the essences. Many clients enjoy the ongoing support of monthly sessions and formulas tailored for their personal growth and life circumstances.

I conduct consultations over the telephone and by Skype, and send essence formulas through the mail. The consultation fee is $120, and includes the dosage bottle of your custom blended flower essence formula and shipping in the United States. Shipping Internationally is available for a reasonable fee.

Flower essences are not a substitute for appropriate medical or psychiatric assistance.

You can schedule a free 10 minute telephone or Skype consultation, or a full appointment so you can get started with flower essences right away. I look forward to talking with you soon!

I’ve been working with Kathleen for about a year, in a process to heal various mind-body issues. During our work together, we have gone well beyond what I accomplished in seven years of very good psychotherapy, but in a way that has been very gentle and organic. Kathleen is very easy to talk to, compassionate, wise and intuitive. Her essence formulas have brought about powerful changes in a paradoxically gentle way. It has the feeling of alchemy about it. She is indeed a healer.

Elissa, San Rafael, CA

I am so thankful to Kathleen for mentoring me with the flower essences through my miscarriages and subsequent successful pregnancy. I always felt the essences she chose were right for the moment and brought me a step further or resolved the issue I was having. They were always very gentle essences and I enjoyed every session we had.

K, New Mexico

I sought Kathleen’s help on my own issues after several months of her successful work with my horse. I was struggling to find my voice as a writer of young adult fiction and as an advocate for horses. Through a series of telephone conversations, Kathleen tailored essences for each stage of my journey. As my writing progressed from tremulous false starts through a period of questioning “why write at all?” and finally to an almost-completed manuscript, Kathleen identified the appropriate essences for each stage and devised formulas to release blocks, stimulate my creative voice and help me communicate the story that my heart wanted to tell. Each time I received a bubble-wrapped package of essences from Kathleen in the mail each month, I felt lifted and buoyant. I hope that more people find their way to Kathleen and discover the results as I did.

Eileen, Petaluma, CA

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