Leading a horse in Labyrinth groundwork exercise in TTouch Method Elegant Elephant leading position

Tellington TTouch Method

The Tellington TTouch Method™ is known as the “Touch that Teaches Trust”. I help horses and riders build and improve their relationship through a series of innovative groundwork exercises, bodywork and touches designed to help develop the horse’s willingness, trust, balance, suppleness, coordination and performance.


China Rose Flower Essence from Flora of Asia Flower Essences

Flower Essences for People and Animals

This plant-based, mind/body, energetic modality is a safe and gentle form of herbal medicine, highly effective in relieving stress and anxiety for people and animals. It promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and offers a meaningful way to experience a connection to nature.

TCM Acupressure point for horses GV14

TCM Acupressure for Horses

A time-tested, comprehensive and holistic system to evaluate the health of each individual horse on physical, mental and emotional levels. TCM gets at the root of the issue or imbalance through a process of information gathering and hands-on assessment and promotes optimal health and improved performance.