Tellington TTouch Method
The Tellington TTouch Method™ is known as the “Touch that Teaches Trust”. I help horses and riders build and improve their relationship through a series of innovative groundwork exercises, bodywork and touches designed to help develop the horse’s willingness, trust, balance, suppleness, coordination and performance.

Classical Chinese Medicine Acupressure for Horses
A time-tested, comprehensive and holistic system to evaluate the health of each individual horse on physical, mental and emotional levels. CCM gets at the root of the issue or imbalance through a process of information gathering and hands-on assessment and promotes optimal health and improved performance.

Flower Essences for People and Animals
This plant-based, mind/body, energetic modality is a safe and gentle form of herbal medicine, highly effective in relieving stress and anxiety for people and animals. It promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and offers a meaningful way to experience a connection to nature.

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