Acupressure for Horses

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) Acupressure for Horses

A time-tested, comprehensive and holistic system to evaluate the health of each individual horse on physical, mental and emotional levels. CCM gets at the root of the issue or imbalance through a process of information gathering and hands-on assessment, promoting optimal health and improved performance.

Benefits of CCM Acupressure for your Horse

Supports a healthy flow of Qi (vital energy) so the body can maintain good health, recover from illness and prevent injury.

Offers a thorough exploratory process to identify opportunities for better health.

Activates the body’s innate ability to heal, find balance and function in harmony.

Guided by Classical Chinese Medicine principles, and with your help, I will take a thorough history of your horse’s health and conduct a hands-on exploration. Once we have established what the root of the issue or imbalance is, I will develop a custom plan to help your horse. Regular acupressure sessions provide long term benefit to your horse’s wellness, therefore an acupressure point tutorial is included with each session.

Learn how to keep your horse feeling great from ears to tail with easy to learn techniques tailored to your horse’s needs and your schedule. I will also teach you skills you can use to support your horse in an emergency while you wait for your veterinarian.

You can set up a free 10 minute telephone consultation, or email me if you prefer. Either way, let’s get started helping your horse feel better today!

Kathleen is a marvelous teacher. She has a warm and gentle way with her horse and human students and incorporates a deep knowledge of her subject with a wicked sense of humor! Shortly after our first lesson where we worked on my older mare (who loved our sessions!) my older gelding was colicking late on a Sunday night. I was able to use a couple of the points she had showed me to offer him some relief as well as enable him to pass some manure before the vet arrived. The vet thought he might need intensive care due to a large impaction. Kathleen came out the next couple of days to do some more work on him and he recovered nicely and quickly. No further emergency measures needed. I highly recommend her!

Pam, Santa Rosa
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