TTouch for horses

The Tellington TTouch Method

Tellington TTouch is known as the “Touch that Teaches Trust”. I help horses and riders build and improve their relationship through a series of innovative groundwork exercises, bodywork and touches designed to help develop the horse’s willingness, balance, suppleness, coordination and performance.

It’s my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Kathleen. She has assisted me with teaching at the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming, in California and Texas and several times in Hawaii. She is a joy to work with and is a very experienced horsewoman, dedicated to teaching with creativity, clarity and passion, and at the same time keeping her students safe and inspired. You will enjoy working with her.

Linda Tellington-Jones

Benefits of the Tellington TTouch Method:

Improves trust, confidence, balance and intelligence in horses.

Improves communication skills and body awareness in riders and horses alike.

Helps riders develop independent aids and balance.

Builds trust and confidence between horse and rider.

TTouch bodywork is a gentle way to work with your horse to release tension, pain, and fear. A great benefit of this bodywork system is how easy it is for you to learn so you can support your horse’s wellbeing on a regular basis. It is a powerful tool you will be happy to have, both in emergency situations and on a daily basis. I enjoy sharing this system with clients and students, and seeing the positive changes they can make with their own horses.

The leading exercises, combined with the obstacles of the “Playground of Higher Learning”, aid in the development of balance and coordination in both the horse and handler. The exercises build trust and enhance communication while encountering new and unfamiliar situations.

I offer in person sessions at your facility in Sonoma and Marin Counties, California. I also travel to teach one and two day clinics by arrangement. You can set up a free 10 minute telephone consultation or send me an email if you prefer. Let’s talk and figure out the best way to help you and your horses today!

Having Kathleen, not only a skilled practitioner but a gifted teacher, teach TTouch over a period of several months was an awesome experience. This format created a relaxed learning environment, allowing us to solidify each of the skills at home before adding the next set. I honestly can’t say enough about the class and Kathleen. I highly recommend it to anyone connected to horses.

Sher, Windsor, CA

My horse Cheney–a beautiful, opinionated, playful, 12-year-old Tobiano Paint gelding–and I first met Kathleen at a Linda Tellington-Jones TTeam clinic that I signed us up for on a slim hope.  After struggling through series of serious assaults to his previous good health, including surgery for colic, jugular vein thrombosis, cellulitis in both front legs, suspensory desmitis and pigeon fever, Cheney was left in pain, angry, reactive and fearful of people whom he no longer trusted.  For me, a year of dealing with veterinarians, trainers, handlers and purported “healers” that were anything but, put me in the same boat.  During the clinic, Cheney presented a big challenge to the group–fighting leads, feigning strikes, tossing his head compulsively and pretty much resisting all attempts to calm and counsel him.  My strongest memory out of a weekend filled with powerful memories, is of Kathleen and her willingness to “take us on.”  Alone among a talented, committed group of horse handlers and “gentle leaders,” Kathleen seemed always ready, willing and able to try something else for Cheney, showing up consistently at gates, in Cheney’s pen and in the arena.  During what turned out to be the darkest time of my relationship with Cheney, Kathleen held out a hand and brought a combination of flower essences, body work, TTeam techniques and her unique, quietly confident presence to work with us.

Kathleen never treated Cheney as a “problem” horse or a set of “symptoms” but instead as an individual who could and would be helped. Each week Kathleen assessed Cheney’s requirements and customized an approach for “this horse” on “this day.” Without judgment or criticism, she suggested alternatives for my handling that I now see had become tentative and negative. With Kathleen’s help, Cheney’s true nature began to emerge again and today he is the horse that he was before his ordeal (and more).  He currently lives joyfully with four other geldings and stands quietly for the trimmer and grooming.  For my part, I am a more sensitive and confident handler.  Kathleen was able to help me see that my horse was not a “broken” object, but instead a wounded soul who could, with help, find his way back to the light. I recommend Kathleen without hesitation.

Eileen, Healdsburg, CA
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