Flower Essence Combinations For Horses

One of the best known flower essence combinations, Five Flower Formula, is very helpful in many types of situations. Five Flower Formula, also known as Rescue Remedy, was developed by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the 1930’s. He created a new system of healing called flower essences that works primarily on mental and emotional conditions. He developed Five Flower Formula as an emergency remedy to treat stress and trauma. It is recommended for any crisis situation to help calm and ease confusion and panic. This formula, like all flower essences, can be used with complete safety and without any side effects by anyone, including animals.

How to give flower essences to your horse

Flower essences are easy to administer and impossible to overdose. In urgent situations, give 2 drops by mouth as often as needed. For instance, give every few minutes when you are waiting for the vet. For more stable or chronic situations, give 2 drops twice daily. Drops can be given on grain or treats, or placed in drinking water. You can also pet them into the coat or add drops to a misting bottle of water and spray around your horse. Of course, flower essences cannot substitute for appropriate veterinary care, but they can be a very supportive adjunct as there are no contraindications with any other types of treatments.

Flower Essence Combinations for your horse

Many other essences have been developed since Dr Bach’s system was created over 80 years ago. There are hundreds if not thousands of essences available and it can be quite challenging to decide which to choose for any given situation. Fortunately, several systems have developed essence combinations for specific circumstances, like Five Flower Formula, to make flower essences easier to use. The Alaskan Flower Essence Project makes essences in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, and several of the combinations in this line are particularly helpful for horses and their owners.

Animal Care was designed by a veterinarian specifically for animal rescue situations. It is helpful for horses that are being moved to new homes or those coming out of abusive or neglectful situations.

Guardian can be used to help a horse feel more secure when in busy or unfamiliar surroundings, such as shows, traveling or moving. It can help horses who are over-reactive to stimuli such as strange noises or new situations.

Travel Ease was created to address the stresses of air travel, but helps in any travel situation. It helps counter the stress of confinement and crowding and the enervating effects of noise and vibration.

Pregnancy Support is helpful for all phases of pregnancy – from creating a supportive environment for conception, to a healthy birth for mare and foal. It assists in the healthy bonding process and is highly recommended for first time mothers.

Easy Learning strengthens mental focus and helps a horse pay attention during a training session. It enhances the ability to process and learn new skills.

There are many other excellent combinations available, but the ones listed above can provide help in a broad range of situations. FIve Flower Formula is widely available as Rescue Remedy in many health food stores; other essence lines are less widely distributed but are readily available online.

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