How to give flower essences to birds

I began to learn about flower essences in order to help my pet parrot. Knowing how delicate and sensitive birds are, I was extremely cautious in trying new things. Fortunately, flower essences are completely safe for birds as long as they are diluted before use.

How to give flower essences to birds:

  • Put a few drops in a small bowl with a few ounces of water, mix well, dunk a treat and offer
  • Add a few drops to the water bowl – refresh twice daily
  • Add a few drops to water in a misting bottle and mist around the bird and cage.

Of course, if your bird dislikes being misted, do not mist him directly. It is important that any animal have the ability to decline the essences. When putting essences in the water dish, it is kind to offer a bowl of water without essences. Watch your bird and see what he prefers.

I am happy to offer consultation and custom essence formula creation over the telephone or Skype for you and your bird! Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Some flower essences that may be helpful for your bird

Rescue Remedy is always a good choice for any kind of stressful situation, from veterinary visits to nail trimming to thunderstorms. It is a broadly applicable essence that will help to calm, ground, and restore emotional balance after any fright or upset.

Aspen flower essence (Bach) is an excellent choice for parrots who have “night frights” and startle or fall in the middle of the night.

Northern Lady Slipper flower essence (Alaskan Flower Essence Project) is a beautiful nurturing essence to help a parrot overcome a stressful “childhood” and settle in with a new family or living situation.

Filaree flower essence (Flower Essence Society) can be helpful for parrots who pick their feathers, as it helps those who become fixated or worried about specific things.

Scleranthus flower essence (Bach) is helpful for parrots who suffer from hormonal mood swings, a common problem in adolescent birds.

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