Getting Started with Flower Essences

This list is a basic starting point to acquaint you with some broadly applicable essences for you and your pets.

Flower essences are taken by mouth or in a small amount of water, and are safe for all people and animals. For short term or acute situations, use 2 drops 2-4 times daily. For more information, see pages on how to give flower essences to your dog, cat, horse or bird.

Bach Flower Essences, also available as Healing Herbs brand – available through FES

Rescue Remedy Bach

Use for: shock, trauma, emergencies, stress

Helps you to stay grounded and restores balance.


Indications: neglecting one’s own needs, “doormat” personality, can’t say no, needing to please others for self-validation

Positive Qualities: restores self awareness and the ability to serve from a place of inner strength – for those who, in serving others, are not fulfilling their own purpose in life.


Indications: stressed, overwhelmed, “spun out”, hyper-perfectionism and unrealistic standards

Positive Qualities: joy in service, capable and focused to accomplish tasks, able to correctly determine one’s ability to help, development of natural leadership qualities

Pine Bach

Indications: guilt, self-blame, self-criticism, disproportionate guilt, “recovering Catholic”

Positive Qualities: self-acceptance, self-respect, freedom from inappropriate guilt

Walnut Bach

Indications: overly influenced by social conventions, family ties, traditions, or old habits, allowing the advice of others to dissuade you from trying something new

Use for all transitions (moving, job or career change, life changes, divorce, mid-life crisis, new relationship, etc)

Positive Qualities: embracing change as part of the journey, following one’s own path, healthy transitions

Wild Rose Bach

Indications: apathy, hopelessness, discouragement after long struggle

Positive Qualities: restores will to live and joy in life

Flower Essence Services –

Borage – FES

Indications: discouragement, heavy-heartedness, lack of confidence

Useful in many formulas to give encouragement.

Positive Qualities: courage, optimism, enthusiasm

Indian Pink – FES

Indications: unfocused, unable to get anything done, “multi-tasking” to unhealthy degree, scattered, distracted

Positive Qualities: centered and focused, even in stressful circumstances

Iris – FES

Indications: feeling dull and uninspired, creative block, unable to express one’s self, feeling stifled

Positive Qualities: connection to creativity, inspiration and vision

Pink Yarrow – FES

Indications: loss of emotional clarity, sympathetic merging, taking on the pain of another

Positive Qualities: empathy for others without taking on their pain, emotional boundaries, authentic compassion

Self – Heal – FES

Indications: not taking responsibility for one’s own healing process, always looking to outside force for healing

Positive Qualities: feelings of health and wholeness, choosing healthy lifestyle, self-generated healing forces

Alaskan Flower Essence Project –

Go-Create – Alaskan Combination

Uses: clears limiting beliefs, enhances trust, faith and gratitude

The “abundance formula”, helps with manifestation (use with affirmations and other manifestation exercises), focus on what you want, not what you don’t have

Guardian – Alaskan Combination

Uses: protection in difficult environments (contentious meetings, travel, hospital), for body-workers, therapists, sensitives

To stay grounded and maintain healthy, protective boundaries – provides a “force-field” of personal protection

Purification – Alaskan Combination

Uses: cleanse and release stagnant energy in body or environment – use after bodywork, detox regimen, illness – use in misting bottle to clear dark, depressive rooms

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